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Game And Watch Retro Emulation USB Stick Windows

Game And Watch Retro Emulation USB Stick Windows

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Here for sale is a great Game and watch emulator for Windows PC

A total of 53 Game and Watch hand helds of the 80's for many hours of nostalgia moments.

No need to buy single Game and Watch unit, worry about battries or the the right lighting condition to play as you can simulate these in this single USB stick.

Just pop the USB in your USB port after you have connected your xbox/ps5 controller. It will take a moment to load automatically, then select the game, after it starts press tab key to configure your input device, esc key to return to game and have fun!!

I have done the optimisation configaration for you, but if you need more help with setup, just let me know.

This plays just like as if you are holding the real hand held game!!

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